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Founder's message

In 2012, I went on a trip to South America with eight of my classmates when I studied at Columbia University. The day we left Brinos Aries, I was strolling along the main road at city center that filled up with small street stalls. A young boy who was making necklace on his knees caught my attention. In his little "shop", the necklaces were sophisticatedly wired with embed big stones. I was attracted by his focus and his adept skill - the massy wires quickly became an stylish jewelry. I guessed he's in his 20s. He said he's from Peru, his grandpa taught him this skill. It's a tradition in his hometown. He's coming to Brinos Aries during school break and make some money. I bought 3 necklaces from him.

I come from a family that is into Chinese art. My grandpa still wrote birthday message for my grandma by traditional ink and brush in their 70s. He couldn't even grab the brush steadily because of stroke. My parents spent years to practice calligraphy and ink painting. In that special era in 1970s in China, when they didn't have proper opportunity to pursue the education they dreamed of, art could be their light and hope. I mimic what they do since I was little - It's like a seed that planted inside me.

Then I went to school in the US for my study in economics. In my spare time, I started to learn western art, modern art, contemporary architectures in museums... I've been traveling frequently and visited different cultures. The heritage crafts and cultures always touch my heart. The spirit of culture heritage is universal.

At the same time, I realized there is a gap between tradition and modern world. In terms of aesthetic, usage, display...Even more, in this technology booming era, our life changes faster than ever. By adapting the benefit and convenience of technology , how can we preserve the tradition in a modern way? How do we communicate with our past?

When I close my computer, I drown into the smell of the ink and rice paper. Time slows down. This is why Ranadu founded. I hope it could be a paradise that helps everyone remembers their root, with full of joy and happiness, in a modern way.

I was wearing the necklace from Buenos Aries in Dubai.

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The main impulsion that drives me toward RANADU is its founder, Ran DONG. Her energy, aesthetics about art and culture, as well as her talent in Chinese calligraphy precisely stand her out in this chaotic society. Her pure heart as a human being will always be the origin of RANADU's entreprise cohesion. Quelle belle fille! Je t'aime.


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